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 What are Radio Facility Charts RAFACs and what do they contain? 

Radio Facility Charts - RAFAC as issued by the US - Air Force for flight operations of the allied occupation forces as of May 1945 contain air navigation radio facilities for the preparation and conduct of flights; limited to the facilities of the Army Air Communication Service - ACS/AACS as operated by the US Army Air Force - USAAF in the Europe, Africa & Middle East region - EAME.

RAFACs are a never ending source of information on the then existing air navigation facilities at the end of WW II. Who still knows that during the Berlin Airlift GCA final approach radar units were used, which were already in operation in 1945; and where their location was. The RAFACs contain this information and furthermore, which air navigation services units already provided air traffic services and especially so air traffic control service - ATC with flight movement control and separation.

In Great Britain Radio Facility charts - RAFAC and pilot handbooks on approach procedures and aerodrome operations rules were issued during the 1940’ies for pilots, navigators and radio operator onboard aircraft. Such information was compiled by the Aeronautical Information Service - AIS and different RAFACs were issued for the various geographical regions, such as for Europe with designator A or Africa & Near-East with designator B. They were distributed to all concerned, aircraft crews and air navigation services ground personnel in regular intervals.

ANSA offers interested aviation historians digital copies of various air navigation radio facility charts and lists of the Allied Expeditionary Forces - AEF and the US Forces of the years 1945, 1946, 1947 and 1951 in PDF format on CD for purchase. Please, read the attached PDF document for further information.

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About Radio Facility Charts
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